Analyse the location factors that determine flows of FDI into Latin America

Introduction. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a major contributor to global macroeconomics accounting for US$1.35 trillion in 2012 (World Investment Report, 2013, p. 1). 2012 marks a historic year for FDI, as it was the first year ever that developing countries received more FDI, a total of 52 percent, than developed countries. Firms that engage […]

The Relationship between Trade Openness and Economic Growth

Critically Review the Empirical Evidence on the Relationship between Trade Openness and Economic Growth Introduction: In 2008, the world as a whole produced goods and services worth an estimated $50trillion at current prices. Of that total, more than 30 percent was sold across national borders (Krugman, Obstfeld and Melitz, 2012, p.40). That statistic alone highlights […]

PR-STV is the worst electoral system, except for all the others.

Introduction PR-STV or proportional representation – single transferable vote, is a unique electoral system in that it is very much a candidate centred method of voting, which accommodates intraparty competition in elections. However, it also allows the voter to support a political party simultaneously if they so wish. It differs greatly from the other two […]

Why is it so difficult to amend the U.S Constitution?

Introduction The American federal constitution is one of the oldest consolidated constitutional documents in the world, coming into force in 1789 after being ratified by the thirteen original states. A constitution must be balanced in such a particular way that it holds societies core values, usually regarding the governance of the state and the rights […]